I am the youngest of three children born in East London to Mrs Leone Pacquette and Mr Jean Pacquette (deceased). Both of my older sisters have special needs/learning difficulties. At a very young age, my mother taught me how to play hymns but I wasn’t interested in classical music at that time. I changed my mind years later when I turned 15 and started receiving piano tuition at Central Foundation Girls' School in East London.


I also joined the London Schools Concert Orchestra (LSCO) and London Schools Strings Orchestra (LSSO) as a Cellist, and remained a member of the two orchestras for two years.


After seeing that I serious about learning the art of classical music, my father decided to purchase my very first acoustic upright grand piano when I turned nineteen. I then went on to study BA Music, MA Liturgical Music and Special Honours Study (composition) at the Colchester Institute School of Music in Essex, under the tutelage of Professor William Tamblyn (now retired).


I gained my first experience teaching Piano and Music Theory as an apprentice over 25 years ago, under the matriarch Elder John Prince, at the Hampstead Seventh-day Adventist Church in North West London. Elder Prince was my mentor as a musician and organ builder. He taught me how to tune pianos and I assisted him with the maintenance and tuning of the former Hampstead pipe organ (removed in 1995). After he sadly passed away, I continued teaching piano and music theory for over 20 years until 2015 when I was appointed to manage one of the Centres of Influence within Area 6C - the East London School of Music (ELSOM).


I am also the Director of the HACS Philharmonia Chorus & HACS Philharmonic Orchestra. In my home life, I am a double-carer for my elderly mother and sister.


ELSOM is a Community Classical Music Conservatoire providing opportunities for children, young people and adults to learn and master the art of classical music/disciplined training. My passion is to see people of all ages, to follow their dreams and see it through - to pass onto others the skills and opportunities that I had. I strongly believe that God is using ELSOM as a Music Ministry as a vehicle to reach souls and make disciples for Jesus.


The motto for the school of music is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

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Miss Fiona Dwanell Pacquette

Miss Fiona also sat at the Pipe Organ at Westminster Abbey