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The area prayer team aims to work with local prayer leaders to motivate and inspire congregants to develop a fuller prayer life. We work very hard to support local prayer teams to develop and implement local prayer programs. We are also there to help communicate any SEC prayer initiatives and programs to local prayer teams, providing relevant support and resources where possible. Our team organises special area-wide Prayer days, events, and networking support to member churches, as well as local devotional groups. At present we have regular monthly prayer meetings on the first Sunday of each month at 4pm. All are welcome to attend.

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My name is Alex Farai Dhlakama and am the leader of the Prayer Team in Area 6C . I am passionate about promoting prayer across all levels of the church and building a formidable prayer ministry in London Area 6C. I am strongly convinced that a church that does not pray is weak and ineffectual. I therefore strive to do my part to promote a culture of prayer in our area. Outside of the Area Prayer Ministry, I am involved in Men’s Ministry and in some local fellowships.

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Alex Farai Dhlakama


Area 6C Day of Prayer

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